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Clutch Dagmar // Dagmar


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Clutch  // combination of leather and canvas // handmade by Coosje Bouman //
Tattooed by Dagmar

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How to take care of your product

When you purchase a leather bag from us, we want you to be as pleased with your new item in five years as you are today.
Therefore, we have created this guide on how to take care of your items.

1. Apply a wax
Applying a leather wax to the leather parts of your bag is a good idea, as it adds a layer of protection to the bag’s finish, repelling superficial scratches and scuffs. We advice to use a leather wax or colorless bees wax.
A good rule of thumb when caring for any of your leather goods; reapply leather cream or oil every few months, or as needed.

2. Your bag is not waterproof!
Please do not get your bag wet. To help protect your bag, you can use a waterproofing spray on the leather & canvas. A waterproofing spray is the most effective tool against moisture. We advice the collonil nanopro spray, this is suitable for leather and canvas.
The spray needs time to bond to the leather & canvas before it goes out into the elements, so give it plenty of time to dry and a quick once-over before you head outdoors.

3. Dealing with scratches
Unfortunately scratches are inevitable when you take your bag out with you but don’t despair, if and when you come across a small scuff. here are some quick tips for dealing with scratches;
* clean the leather
* smooth it out with leather wax
* repeat, if necessary


Extra informatie

Kleur canvas

bordeaux, charcoal


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