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About Us

Kevin Cox & Hanne Smit met each other at the beginning of 2013 at Curacao, where Kevin did an internship and Hanne returned after living there for ten years. They hit it off quite quick and since then they’ve shared a personal and professional passion for drawing. This started on paper but later on this passion was transferred to the skin.

It all started in Valkenswaard, a small village close to Eindhoven and Kevin’s hometown, where Kevin & Hanne started to share their passion: drawing. This passion shifted quite quickly to tattooing people. This started in a small circle of friends and family around them and of course they tattooed each other. More people started to request a tattoo from them, which inspired Kevins father Henk “the bear” Cox to give up a part of his territory to build a studio in the house that was all set to work in. Together with his moral support and never-ending trust, Henk helped them to realize a dream so they could enhance their skills. Sadly, “The Bear” died shortly after finishing the first shop, which inspired us to name our lifework after one of the first persons who put faith in us.

BlackBear develops itself into a label. To create unique and innovative products is the motivation and tool to express our creativity. BlackBear goes for statements!

Our mission is to be an exclusive platform where art is both groundbreaking and accessible.